Sword Coast Slayers

Session 2 Part 1

The Sunless Citadel

Session 2 Part 1

The Sunless Citadel

1491 DR in the month of Flamerule (Summertide)

Asher, Adelar Vogel, Granock Flare, Dravull, Kelran Loreweaver, Treshtog

The humble village of Oakhurst was the Slayers destination, having been spurred on by news of a former Slayer in need of help. Kerry Hucrele a well to do merchant and former Slayer called apon the service of Garret's company in order to find her missing children. Sharwyn and her twin brother Talgen traveled with the holy warrior Sir Braford and the esteemed ranger Karakas to the ancient dungeon known as the, "Sunless Citadel". A reward of 150 gold pieces was offered to each player if they recovered one or both signet rings. In total the Slayers could walk away with a tidy 300 gold each alongside rumored treasures such as the mystical sword Shatterspike supposedly carried by Sir Brayford. Fearing that her children may already be dead the Merchant Hurcrele will accept the signet rings though the reward may be doubled if the Slayers can find the adventurers alive.

Spurred on by the desire to reunite a mother with her children and the promise of healthy compensation the Slayers trudged onwards to the plains of desolation. The land north of the village was laid to waste by the dragon Ashardalon only a generation ago. While the great red wyrm is long dead his power is still felt in the scorched craggy soil that holds few plants or animals anymore.

A few broken columns poked through the desolate plains one of them having a frayed but fresh piece of rope attached to it. Sliding down the Slayers entered the ancient citadel to find the first layer of stairs, to what must once been a tower before the fettled castle fell bellow the earth infested with giant rats fed by the occasional beast or individual foolish enough to fall down the canyon. Treshtog the Rat Smasher made quick work of the rodents alongside the excellent blade work of master samurai Dravull. The fight was not without its difficulties as the rats made savage attacks against the newest Slayer, Asher the Aarakocra Cleric. 

Dispatching the rats the Slayers made their way to the main interior of the sunken citadel to find it a trap filled hall. Pit falls abounded alongside arrow traps and a set of ancient globes emitting enchanting music that made any who heard it desire to throw themselves down a near bottomless pit.

The Slayers followed the sound of whimpering to find a kobold named Meepo wallowing in his shame. The wretch begged for death but was convinced to tell the part his story and in doing so revealed the power struggle between a clan of Kobolds and a tribe of Goblins living in the citadel. The Kobolds where raising a white wyrmling to one day become their liege when the goblins from the other side of the citadel stole the small dragon right from under their noses. 

Convinced the Slayers may be able to help Meepo lead the party to his queen Yudrasyl the kobold. A throne room of ancient broken dragon statues served as the clans home and place of worship. Yudrasyl offered the slayers a magic item to aid them on the quest promising the Slayers safe passage through the kobold controlled tunnels if they returned the white dragon wrymling Crycrix to them. Dravull the voice of the party choose a vial of healing elixer and was tasked with following Meepo into the goblin controlled tunnels. Noting a key in the mouth of a dragon statue the party bartered for it and settled on the price of 30 gold pieces. Returning to a previously explored chamber the part used the key to open a door and having survived  the traps they reached the crypt of the dragon priest.

Lifting a sarcophagus lid the Slayers where beset by an ancient dragon priest polymorphed into a troll for his failings. Though shriviled and weak the troll proved a deadly foe and only with great feats of heroics where the Slayers able to bring the beast down. Treshtog with his mighty maul sweep its legs out from under it before slamming it down on its head. The Troll Tenderizer joined the party in burning the corpse after properly looting it. Taking a rest the part prepared to enter the goblin tunnels and bring back the dragon hatchling, the Hurcrele twins, and the mystic weapon Shatterspike.

Total Rewards: 272 gold split into shares of 45 gold each, Elixir of Health , Scroll of Command, Scroll of Cure Wounds (2nd Level), Scroll of  Inflict Wounds (2nd Level), and  Scroll of Guiding Bolt

100 experience

(Stay tuned for the conclusion of this session within the next week or two!)


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