Sword Coast Slayers

Session 2 Part 2

The Sunless Citadel

Session 2 Part 2

The Sunless Citadel

1491 DR in the month of Flamerule (Summertide)

Asher, Adelar Vogel, Granock Flare, Dravull, Kelran Loreweaver, Treshtog

Having gathered their composure through a well deserved short rest the party where lead to the outskirts of the Kobold tunnels by Meepo. Chambers full of broken masonry, rat scat, and mysterious statues where abound. Dravull read a Draconian inscription aloud triggering a poison fog trap. "Let there be Death". Kelran Loreweaver and Gronak Flare bore the brunt of the assult but with the application of healing tonic they where able to return to their feet. 

Leading the charge the Paladin Flare and Dravull cut through the goblin sentries stationed at the outposts of the territory. The rest of the party quickly followed the attack and cut down every fleeing warrior before they could relay warning through the rest of the warren. Kobold captives where found alongside a strange surface gnome named, Erky Timbers. Freeing the captives the party received a pick pocketed whistle made of jet from one of the Kobolds. Erky Timbers was captured while trying to find his fortune on the high road through trade. He survived a month of captivity without food through the blessings bestowed upon him by Pelor. Indebted to the party Timbers lead them to deeper chambers he had been through while in captivity.

Searching through more forgotten chambers the party came upon a trophy room decorated with mounted heads. Few of the heads would constitute a worthy trophy by surface standards and the state of the room even less. Frost clung to the air as the party pushed aside broken furniture and discovered a white dragon wrymling. Cycrx the Kobold clans future god was being held captive here before she broke free and gathered everything of value in one corner.

Meepo rejoiced over the discovery of his charge ran forward looking for a hug whilst the dragon lunged at him tearing at his throat. The party quickly dragged him out of the room and gave him medical attention. Dravull the white dragon born parlayed with the beast convincing it to stay in its corner. Little to the partyies knowledge Dravull despised dragons and used his scroll of inflict wounds to render it near unconscious. Asher having the sense that this ones pain should not be ended so quickly cast his own inflict wounds in order to render the dragon fully unconcious.


Meepo was charged with taking the small dragon back to his clan while the party pressed on determined to find the Hurcele siblings and their lost party. Timbers warned the party they would soon be approaching "Goblin Town", a massive chamber housing all the non combatants and the Hobgoblin Kings personal guard. Thinking fast Kelran Loreweaver ducked into a passage to use their secret changeling ability of shape shifting. Pushing into the Goblin village disguised as a lanky Goblin Kelran was able to scout out sleeping chambers and those of the Hobgoblin king. It was in returning to the party that Kelran realized their inability to speak goblin. Appropriate usages of rude gestures and violence got them through undiscovered.


Sneaking through back tunnels the party breached the King Durhns personal chambers and assaulted his hobgoblin gaurd. The Goblin cleric aiding Durhn was quickly dispatched with hand axes and magic. Bloody fighting took place over a vine covered pit and when King Durhn was the last goblin standing he surrendered to the party. He offered the party information saying that the Hurcrele where given to Belak the Druid for experimentation. Having no other useful information Durhn asked to be released or be given a warriors death. With much deliberation the party freed him under the condition that he left without rousing the other goblins.

The party was left peering into the pit of vines wondering if they would ever find the twins, sir braford the holy warrior, Shatter Spike the sword, and Belak the Druid.

Total Rewards: 565 gold split into shares of 94 gold, Night Caller Whistle, Talgen's Signet Ring, and Goblin Keys.

300 Experience

(Stay tuned for part three out grand finale!)


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