You Are Slayer


Sit yourself down and have Slaade fill your flagon with ale. I have a story to tell you, nay a proper Saga of old. Have you heard the Saga of the Slayers? Bah of course you have they carved a bloody path through all that threatened us good hardworking folk! What do you mean who are the Slayers!? Have ye been living under a rock lad? Sure the Slayers may have started in obscurity, a mere pack of misfits  signing a blood pact to make it big or die trying in this very tavern all those years ago. So you going to shut your gob or am I going to have to shut it for you!

The Sword Coast Slayers campaign meets every week at (insert time) and is a revolving door style game where players can enter and leave as they please. Every session will take a months worth of in universe time. We encourage forum role play and our general play which will primarily take place in Roll20 and Discord. See you in the field Slayer!

Sword Coast Slayers

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